Without a proper water disinfection service, you are left open to the risk of contracting diseases such as Legionnaires disease, (caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila), a severe infection caused by bacteria spreading through water sources and water delivery systems. For many places, such as hospitals and nursing homes, a quality legionella disinfection service is incredibly important.

At HydroChem, we provide high-quality water disinfection services for Legionella control to over 700 health facilities across Australia. We have a long history of providing preventative water care programs which manage disinfection levels to improve the quality of water supplies and minimise bacterial growth by identifying risks in water storage systems.

We can assist in the decontamination of the entire water distribution system of a facility and constructed plumping networks for new sites or renovated facilities. There is a high risk of Legionella in water delivery systems that contain water in temperatures between 20 and 60 degrees Celsius. Even small contaminated water droplets are enough to put someone at risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease if there are no water disinfection services in place.

We are able to assist with one-off disinfections and are also able to provide ongoing disinfection programs. We provide all the equipment, services and monitoring to ensure that your water delivery systems are clean and safe. With specific products tailored to implementing measures to prevent outbreaks, we have extensive experience in Legionella risk management. We have a track record of no Legionella outbreaks, so you know your facility will be receiving the best possible water treatment service.

Make sure your water is safe by contacting HydroChem and implement a high-quality water disinfection service. Simply visit our website and fill out a contact form to have one of our friendly staff contact you today.