Cleaning and Sanitising (CIP)

HydroChem was founded by three industrial chemists – their R&D philosophy continues to drive the business. HydroChem has been developing and manufacturing cleaning and sanitising chemistry since 1979, but nothing stands still. HydroChem continues to be the preferred supplier to Australia’s leading food and beverage manufacturers because we have always maintained a philosophy of development and improvement.

Pitch Perfect

The Pitch Perfect portfolio of products denotes HydroChem’s cleaning and sanitising range. This includes a range of products for Cleaning in Place (CIP).

The Pitch Perfect moniker recognises the expectation that the cleaning and sanitising range needs to exceed client expectations in terms of quality – “Pitch Perfect”.

From a product differentiation perspective, it is important that users of the product in manufacturing environments can easily identify different products. From both a safety and efficacy perspective, it is important that the right product is ordered in the first place and used in practice.

In our experience, errors can be made when products have confusingly similar names like “SaniClean 432” and “SaniClean 234”.

The Pitch Perfect range avoids this confusion with product names that a are significantly different from other brands and, just as important, different from other products in the portfolio.

We like music. Each product has taken the name of a different music genre.

Development and Innovation

The development and innovation of cleaning and sanitising chemistries is visible to our clients through the ongoing introduction of new chemistries to meet expectations and changes to compliance requirements.

HydroChem’s proposal is based on the latest proven chemistries that are currently used in numerous major process applications worldwide.

HydroChem is currently working through a number of development processes for the benefit of our clients:

  • Replacement of key raw materials with biodegradable alternatives – whilst maintaining product efficacy
  • Seeking organic certification for a number of products across the range
  • Seeking APVMA approval for key products for use in food contact both in terms of agriculture and food processing