Cooling Towers

We’re focused on keeping your cooling towers running safely and efficiently.

The operation of cooling towers poses risks to human health and operational efficiency.

HydroChem has demonstrated a 40 year history of delivering on its promise to provide a healthy environment whilst maintaining efficiency of plant and operations. At the same time, we have always prioritised delivery of these results cost-effectively to all clients.  

We will keep your systems free of Legionella and maintain your systems free of corrosion and scale. Recognised by some of the largest and most prestigious commercial and industrial organisations in Australia, our track record of having no Legionella breakouts speaks for itself.

HydroChem’s risk management service delivery model provides multiple levels of assurance. This includes the provision of Clarity, which collates the digital information associated with your cooling tower’s water chemistry, microbiological results, corrosion results and exceptions into one portal. You can learn more about Clarity here.

Contact us directly to obtain a list of referees who will attest to our competencies.

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