Clients who have enlisted HydroChem’s Water Minimisation service have benefited from both immediate cost savings and improvement of corporate image.

Conscious of water conservation issues, our water management programs are specifically designed to minimise water usage, whatever your industry.

Strategically tailored to your needs, our water management program takes into consideration aspects such as the different uses of water on site and the quality of the make-up water. Easily tailored to both the commercial and industrial sectors, our clients come from a diverse range of fields.

Our structured water minimisation programs include:

  • A comprehensive water use audit
  • Innovative solutions
  • Technologically advanced equipment
  • Ongoing monitoring

To achieve maximum water minimisation we use a range of strategies including:

  • Identifying and eliminating wastage such as leaks and inefficient processes
  • Identifying water use around the site, the key areas/processes for water use, water quality requirements and volumes of water consumption and discharge
  • Developing and implementing water saving initiatives that are both effective and economical
  • Installing flow meters or temporary devices at key points around the plant to monitor water use
  • Establishing goals for water conservation