HydroChem specialises in providing service and support to manage Legionella risk in health & aged care facilities.  Our clients value our proactive and responsive approach within the 24/7 health service environment and our ability to meet the stringent key performance measures and documentation standards required in high risk health environments.


Given that health & aged care facilities have the highest risk population with up to 40% of patients immune-compromised we apply a rigorous and targeted approach to managing microbial risk.

At HydroChem we provide services for the control of Legionella in water distribution systems, warm water systems and cooling water systems:

  • Site audits to identify systems and all components.
  • Disinfection services.
  • Sampling and NATA-certified testing.
  • Risk assessments to identify physical hazards and gaps in processes.
  • Risk mitigation strategies and prioritised action plans.
  • Implementation and monitoring of operational controls.
  • Commissioning of water distribution systems.
  • Water treatment systems and services.
  • Support and advice for risk management teams on specific aspects of distribution systems and water treatment.
  • Legionella and risk management training of staff.

We marry a sound understanding of regulations and practical experience to ensure your organisation focuses its budget on preventative strategies that will deliver the greatest Legionella control.

With an excellent record in helping clients develop controls that minimise Legionella risk, we have established a reputation in balancing compliance, sound risk mitigation and finding cost-effective solutions through our client partnerships.