At HydroChem, we work extremely hard to understand our clients’ needs and reduce their risk – as well as our own.

We have a range of policies that address risks to our business compliance and maintain high levels of corporate responsibility in the community:

CSR 2021 CSR 2021 (435 KB)

Diversity Indigenous CSR 2021 Diversity Indigenous CSR 2021 (500 KB)

Equal Opportunity Policy 2021 Equal Opportunity Policy 2021 (32 KB)

Fair Work Statement 2021 Fair Work Statement 2021 (200 KB)

Flexible Work Arrangements 2021 Flexible Work Arrangements 2021 (445 KB)

Modern Slavery Statement 2021 Modern Slavery Statement 2021 (560 KB)

Values and Community Policy 2021 Values and Community Policy 2021 (32 KB)

Whistleblower Policy 2021 Whistleblower Policy 2021 (215 KB)

Work From Home Policy 2021 Work From Home Policy 2021 (440 KB)

We also ensure compliance with a wide range of third party compliance web portals and actively manage our compliance to their systems.