HydroChem works with the highest profile commercial & institutional facilities in Australia. We manage the heating, cooling, steam and recycled water for Australia’s largest and most prestigious office complexes, universities, health facilities data centres and shopping centres.

We offer the design and management of the chemistry specific to the purpose. From seawater cooling for commercial buildings to steam for autoclaves within healthcare facilities – the chemistry is designed specific to the purpose.

Our Commercial & Institutional water management services include:

  • OHS systems and practices demonstrated to reduce the risks of harm to employees, contractors and the public through our ISO4801 certification
  • Customised Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) demonstrated to minimize the risks associated with our products and services
  • Implementing the processes & equipment demonstrated to avoid damage to the environment and risks of damage to the environment through our ISO14001 certification

Our reliable and efficient service caters to a range of systems:

  • cooling tower systems
  • boilers
  • recycled water systems
  • closed loop systems
  • evaporative coolers
  • water tanks
  • associated plant and equipment

Increase the safety and efficiency of your operation, reduce your energy costs & water usage and maximise the life-cycle of your plant by partnering with HydroChem.