Industrial Chemical Cleaning Services

Boasting an unequalled level of expertise in the specialised area of industrial chemical cleaning our specialised team has the experience, technology and equipment to solve the problems caused by corrosion, scale, fouling or process contamination.

We recently undertook a large chemical cleaning project at a petrochemical plant in Altona, Victoria. As part of the project, we cleaned a process plant of contaminates so that the plant could be safely decommissioned. The chemical cleaning project operated 24 hours a day, 4 days/week over a 10 week period.

HydroChem has become a valuable partner for industries across Australia, offering expert advice and and chemical cleaning service in the following areas:

Industry Services Provided
Steam Boilers A number of alternative methods for cleaning boilers and associated equipment.
Food Cleaning and sanitation of process equipment. Passivation of stainless steel.Chemical cleaning of boilers.
Oil and Petrochemical Removal of process or water fouling problems that reduce efficiency and plant capacity.
Plastics Cleaning corroded or scaled cooling water lines and injection moulding machine throats.
Chemical and Paint Cleaning jacket mixing vessels, pipelines, heat exchange sources and boilers.
Air-Conditioning De-scaling condensers and contaminated refrigerant vessels. Cleaning heating and chilled water coils. Boiler cleaning.
Automotive Cleaning painting equipment and fouled pipe work and remove corrosion.
Construction Pickling and passivation of new pipe work. Addition of rust preventatives whilst pressure testing.