We stay on top of the game. Our technical team constantly monitors Australian and international publications which detail products that are being researched and released by other companies throughout the world. HydroChem’s technical team also attend international water treatment conferences to ensure that they remain up to date with new processes and products which may improve efficiencies.

To ensure optimum performance of new products, the product development process involves field testing in addition to laboratory research.

For example, HydroChem initiated the development of a new biocide, which was based on a chemical active that is not widely used in the water treatment industry. HydroChem’s technical team began testing the biocide in the laboratory, using tests designed to replicate conditions in the field. The product was tested for biological kill rate, shelf-life, durability, compatibility and toxicity. Following completion of laboratory optimisation, the technical team worked closely with the services team to run a number of tests in the field. The product satisfied all field testing criteria and was approved for full release.