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At HydroChem we are always busy servicing your water systems to minimise risks to human health and maximise asset performance and longevity - this is how we reduce your total cost of operation. As part of this service, we collect data across a range of categories to assess how your systems are performing.

Clarity has been developed to collate all of your data points into one easy to read and understand application.

From exploration to action, Clarity helps you manage the water health of all your assets, faster and smarter.

This is just the beginning. We plan to continue working with our customers to make Clarity a powerful and productive platform for all. We can’t wait to see what’s possible.

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Clarity Feature 1

The first screen you’ll see when you enter Clarity is your portfolio health dashboard. Your complete portfolio results are displayed clearly – Asset Health, Environment Health, Water Efficiency and Compliance. Each is clearly ranked out of 100. These 4 elements combine to provide an overall Portfolio Health score. Allowing users to quickly view their entire portfolio health at a glance, you can then drill down into specific asset details.

Identify and Address Critical Issues

Visit the exception reporting tab to view the major exceptions across all locations and assets, easily filtered by date. Users can quickly identify the main factors not within acceptable parameters, and take immediate action to help minimise or resolve exceptions.

Eliminating the need to review countless reports, Clarity’s smart functionality will save you countless hours.

Clarity Feature 2
Clarity Feature 3

Save and Schedule Reports - Anywhere, Anytime

Clarity delivers expanded reporting capabilities to ensure you always have access to the information you need, when you need it. Visit the reporting dashboard to get fast access to reports, in all locations and for all assets. Then filter by location and date to download your PDF reports individually or as one complete zip file.

Reports Delivered, like Clockwork, to Your Inbox

Head to the subscription tab to create your report subscriptions. Simply select your desired report then set by location, date range and frequency. Once set up, your reports will run at specific intervals, and will arrive on time in your inbox.

Clarity Feature 4
Clarity Feature 5

Available on All Devices

Clarity was designed with ease of use in mind. No matter what device you choose to use, Clarity will display your data effortlessly.

This means when you are out in the field, on the road or at your desk you will be able to log in, view the health of your portfolio and download all of your reports.

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