Water Treatment in Food and Beverage Industry

At HydroChem we have many years of experience managing the cooling, steam, condensate and process water for the food, beverage and dairy industries. We deliver a comprehensive service that includes the design, implementation and ongoing management of your waste water treatment and back this up with ongoing technical advice and service assistance. Our expertise lays in managing process water applications with specific expertise in designing chemistry programs suitable for food contact or potential food contact. We have built a solid reputation for our willingness to put ‘skin in the game’ in meeting expectations when it counts.

Our Food and Beverage industry water management services include:

  • Design, installation and management of chemistry and equipment for pasteurisation systems
  • Cleaning and sanitising chemicals (Clean in Place). See here for more detail.
  • Application of chemistry to the hydrostatic cooking systems to prevent corrosion and spotting of cans
  • Management of high demand 24/7 maintenance activities during plant shutdown
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver consistent results in satisfaction of engineering KPIs and procurement pricing expectations
  • Delivery of engineering reports demonstrating water usage, trade waste quality, cost efficiencies and performance against KPIs
  • Focused on the efficiency of plant operation, minimising downtime and reducing energy and water usage
  • Understanding the importance of cooling, steam, water supply and water treatment demands of the industry
  • Implementing the processes & equipment that have been demonstrated to avoid damage to the environment and risks of damage to the environment through our ISO14001 certification

Cleaning and Sanitising (Clean in Place)

HydroChem was founded by three industrial chemists – their R&D philosophy continues to drive the business. HydroChem has been developing and manufacturing cleaning and sanitising chemistry since 1979, but nothing stands still. HydroChem continues to be the preferred supplier to Australia’s leading food and beverage manufacturers because we have always maintained a philosophy of development and improvement.

See here for more detail.