Enhanced efficiencies for industrial water processes

Combining efficiency with environmental responsibility, our new partnership with Kurita gives us unrivalled access to 60 years of innovation and technological excellence in the industrial water treatment space. This delivers our customers advanced technologies and clever innovation all geared towards delivering lower operating costs, increased plant availability and optimised safety of both employees and their plants.

Introducing Kurita Water Industries Ltd

Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, HydroChem’s innovation and technology partner Kurita Water Industries Ltd was founded in 1949. Today, the group has 5,400 employees worldwide with a turnover of USD 1.8B. With over 3,500 patents, Kurita’s innovative approach to a resource-saving consumption of water has helped them become a world leader in the water treatment and environmental industries.

Kurita Water focus on improving the efficiency of industrial plants and projects through research, development, chemical production, system design, implementation and service – and always with a consistent focus on the environment.

A partnership of innovation and excellence


Manufacturing water treatment chemicals of more than 4,000 standards for use in factories and buildings around the world, Kurita focus on reducing environmental impact by acquiring ISO14001 certification.


The Kurita Global Technology Center in Japan focuses on the development of new water treatment technologies. Their diverse technologies, products and services deliver emerging opportunities at the intersection of business and technology.


A rich history of continuous innovation has led to Kurita’s development of 4871 patents. These products and technologies help customers enhance the functions of water, better recycle resources, reduce environmental impact and improve industrial productivity.

Global network

The Kurita Group manages a wide range of businesses related to water treatment chemicals and water treatment facilities. Their operations and partnerships span the globe and position them as a leader in their space.

Kurita tackles space, our final frontier

A universal approach to water recycling

Did you know that Kurita isn’t limited to just planet earth? They have also taken to the stars and operate in the cutting-edge field of space technology. Kurita developed, designed and manufactured a next generation water recycling system for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) installed in the Japanese Experiment Module “Kibo” on the International Space Station.