Optimal system performance with highly efficient membrane treatments

Widely used in pre-treatment applications, membrane units are fast becoming one of the most important technologies in the production of pure water. However common problems like scaling and fouling necessitate frequent maintenance, downtime and increased operational costs. Our treatment programs are specifically designed for membrane units like reverse osmosis, ultra- and nanofiltration and enable removal or preventive control of scaling and fouling.

Membrane TreatmentsKurita’s world-class membrane treatments deliver unprecedented performance and protection. Known for their efficient use of energy and water saving properties, application of these treatments will increase your plant’s productivity while reducing cost.

Membrane treatments that cross a spectrum of Australian industries

  • Surface technologies (cutting fluids, tooling oils, emulsions, cataphoresis baths, phosphating baths, painting, cleaning baths)
  • Sea water desalination
  • Wastewater
  • Boiler water pre-treatment
  • Bio-technology
  • Pharmaceuticals

Explore our range of RO systems solutions

Hand-picked, cutting-edge water management solutions that focus on enhanced productivity, reduced environmental burden and reduction in energy costs.

Kuriverter / Osmotech®
A range of high performing cleaners, antiscalants and dispersing agents for membrane treatment.

Kuriverter IK 110

A biofilm remover using a unique and patented technology for the effective elimination of biofilm and slime from RO membranes.

Kuriverter® RC
A rejuvenation agent for repairing damaged membranes thereby offsetting replacement.

Hydrochem’s range of of biocides and disinfectants specially developed to protect your water systems from biological contamination.

Membrane antiscalants

Eliminating scale and reducing fouling

Scaling means the deposition of particles on a membrane, causing it to plug. While regular monitoring of your operational plant performance alongside regular maintenance are basic preconditions for a trouble-free operation, antiscalants will help avoid mineral scaling and extend the periods of operation between membrane cleans.

Our range of antiscalants will protect membranes against fouling and scaling, effectively maximising their lifetime and avoiding unnecessary and undesired downtime.

Because reverse osmosis feed waters vary in ionic composition and therefore, have different scale species present, it is important to apply the correct antiscalant. At HydoChem, we recommend the most suitable antiscalant for your applications and supply water.

The Kurita antiscalants offer excellent inhibiting effects for:

  • Colloids and suspended matter
  • Iron and manganese
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Calcium sulfate
  • Strontium sulfate
  • Barium sulfate
  • Silicate

Kurita’s product portfolio includes antiscalants with NSF certification.

Membrane biocides

Stop slime at the source

Reverse osmosis systems are prone to microbiological activity. Microorganisms – such as bacteria, fungi and algae – deposit on the surface of membranes (known as biofouling). Kurita’s biocide treatments help to combat contaminants, reduce growth and prevent the build-up of slime on membranes.

In order to prevent the process of biofouling effectively, the addition of biocides and biofouling control agents are essential and will substantially contribute to the economical operation of your reverse osmosis plant.

Kurita’s biocide technology is characterised by:

  • Low dosing rates
  • Dispersion of existing biofilms
  • Prevention of germ resistance

Membrane pre-treatment

Shield your membrane system for an extended lifespan

A pre-treatment system is critical for maintaining the efficiency of your membrane and reverse osmosis equipment. By ensuring you have quality membrane feed water your maintenance and operating costs will be reduced and your equipment will last longer.

Depending on the raw-water quality, suitable pre-treatment may include coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation or filtration.

HydroChem, together with Kurita, has a broad and deep knowledge as well as specifically developed and innovative products for each treatment step. Using various analytical methods (eg. SDI-measurements and specific lab tests), the appropriate products can be selected.

Membrane cleaning

Keep your membranes in tip top condition

Effective pre-treatment of water is the basis for a smooth operation of your reverse osmosis plant. However, it cannot completely prevent the membranes from incrementally fouling and scaling, which decreases the membrane’s overall performance. This, in turn, increases the energy demand of the plant substantially while the quality of the produced water diminishes. This performance loss results from colloidal and microbiological depositions as well as from deposits of metal hydroxides. Also, deposits of CaCO3, CaSO4, SiO2, BaSO4 and CaF2 reduce the yield of permeate.

In short, membranes must be regularly cleaned. Each plant may have specific demands and should ensure there are individual solutions for an optimal cleaning procedure.

HydroChem, via our innovation partner, Kurita, perform a range of preliminary investigations in order to develop a suitable cleaning procedure. The following aspects are considered within our recommendations:

  • Autopsy of membranes
  • Performance tests
  • Analyses of water
  • Purification tests
  • Analyses of deposits

Membrane consultancy and service

Experienced consultants for ultimate plant efficiency

A thorough understanding of the design and the operation of your Reverse Osmosis plant is the basis for a successful treatment concept. At HydroChem we cover all facets of membrane operation and maintenance and bring innovation, expertise and experienced support to your plant. Our hands-on team will help review, analyse and recommend a strategy to maximise your plant performance.

Alongside our innovation partner, Kurita, we perform the following investigations in our research laboratories:

  • Analysis of water and deposits
  • Autopsy of membranes
  • Flat-sheet-tests
  • Cleaning tests
  • Microscopic investigations
  • Surface analysis

Based on our comprehensive preliminary research we will recommend the correct biocides, antiscalants and cleaning chemicals needed to operate your RO plant safely, efficiently and reliably.