Your efficient and effective solutions for reliable and optimal RO Plant operations

Water is our most precious commodity. However, fresh drinking water is incredibly scarce. Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water and two-thirds of it is locked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable. With increasing temperatures and growing populations, this precious element is under threat. In fact, water scarcity and access to clean water is ranked as the number one global risk by The World Economic Forum Global Risks Report in 2015.

To help solve this problem, seawater purification has evolved into a viable alternative for water supply.

In the past, desalination was considered a futuristic, expensive and complex process, but the last fifteen years has seen the development of mature and reliable technologies that have advanced the viability of desalination processes.


Desalination plants of the future with today’s technology

After intensive research and investment, HydroChem’s innovation partner Kurita has developed world-class methods and products that contribute to the efficient and trouble-free operations of Reverse Osmosis plants. Using processes – such as reverse osmosis systems – for the safe production of drinking water, desalination plants now have access to leading technologies designed to drive down the cost of operations.

We work with seawater RO (SWRO) plant operators seeking dependable operations and optimised operating costs, while delivering a reliable, safe supply of fresh water.

Naturally, all products used for the treatment of drinking water are NSF certified.

Desalination reverse osmosis applications

Membrane treatment

Widely used in the water pre-treatment preparation, membrane units are fast becoming one of the most important technologies in the production of pure water. However common problems like scaling and fouling require frequent maintenance and downtime while increasing costs. Our treatment programs are specifically designed for membrane units like reverse osmosis, ultra- and nanofiltration and enable removal or preventive control of scaling and fouling. This allows plants to run efficiently and effectively.

Rejuvenation of RO membranes

Kurita’s KURIVERTER® RC technology allows us to rejuvenate the membrane, restore salt rejection and postpone membrane replacement until it is budgeted for and convenient. This at a fraction of the replacement cost using an easy to apply CIP process.

The membranes used in Reverse Osmosis face many potential problems. Scale and deposits, biofouling, physical stresses and chemical damage are all common. To solve these problems, Kurita has developed preventive solutions, in the form of pretreatment, antiscalants, dispersants, biocides and better operating procedures. These technologies help to rejuvenate the membrane, restore salt rejection and postpone membrane replacement.

Biofilm control agent for membrane systems

For Reverse Osmosis systems with high organic load including waste water recovery plants, sea water desalination plants or the food industry among others, biofouling is a critical issue. Kurita’s Kuriverter® IK-110, is a biofilm control agent, designed to protect your plant from biological impact on your pre-treatment system and the membranes it serves.

By adding the agent to the raw water tank, you help protect the whole RO system against biofouling and reduce the time and cost of cleaning, other chemicals and standby time.

Membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants

We offer Kurita’s extensive range of high performing membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants which can be used during the process of reverse osmosis and for ultra- and nano-filtration. Designed to prevent or reduce many of the issues caused by the membrane processes, these products improve process performance and treatment efficiency, prolong the lifetime of membranes, reduce chemical consumption and comply with Australian environmental regulations.