Groundwater Monitoring Services

HydroChem is responsible for monitoring many permanent, groundwater monitoring sites across Australia.

Our experience in providing specialist fieldwork services to a large span of geographic locations has honed our large-scale project planning, project management and implementation skills. We tailor our project plans to include exacting standard operating procedures that ensure the quality of our work and the safety of our people.


Groundwater Monitoring Services

Our team of experienced HydroChem field technicians are located
across Australia.


HydroChem’s specialist groundwater monitoring capabilities include:

  • Groundwater level and pressure measurement
  • Continuous groundwater monitoring
  • Groundwater chemistry measurement and analysis
  • Bore depthing


Groundwater Monitoring Services Australia

Testing at a groundwater monitoring site.


We rigorously decontaminate our sampling equipment between collections and maintain a stringent calibration schedule to protect the integrity of our sample collection procedures.

Our sampling programs, sampling techniques, and the preservation and handling of our samples are conducted to AS/NZS 5667.1 for Water Quality Sampling. The HydroChem in-house laboratory ensures we are always able to deliver accurate results on time.