Raw Water Treatment Services

Many processes on-site require water, and the quality of water required varies from process to process. Water qualities required may range from low, for once through evaporative cooling, to high, for boiler feed waters. Some raw waters may need to have residual metals removed (iron and manganese), some may need the turbidity reduced (river waters), some may need to go through a disinfection process or maybe a softening process before they are suitable for use. Some waters may require extensive treatment from clarification through to reverse osmosis.

We understand the variability of raw water quality whether it be towns water, bore water, river water, lake water or seawater. We also understand the operational problems and the cost increases that can occur when raw water quality is not suitable. It is for this reason we specifically tailor unit process treatment trains and treatment programmes that target the removal of your site-specific nuisance contaminants in your feed water.

For reliable high quality raw water that provides trouble free operation at the lowest cost of operation contact HydroChem.