Water Risk Assessment and Management Services

Our experienced risk management consulting team identifies and assesses the risks associated with water systems and recommends control measures to manage them. Our team then recommends control measures to manage the risks that could threaten your people and assets. Passionate and proactive, we have a reputation for swiftly fixing issues as they arise and are committed to continuous improvement (which is part of our ISO9001 certification).

NSW Risk Management Plan Requirements under Legionella Control Regulations

One of the keys to HydroChem’s success has been our ability to proactively manage the risks associated with Legionella and cooling tower systems and water distribution systems, prior to issues ever occurring. HydroChem’s demonstrated competencies in this area are a result of:

  • 40 years experience managing the risks.
  • A commitment to ‘continuous improvement’ which is part of our ISO9001 certification.
  • Our proactive nature.

We’ve been called upon as expert witnesses in court cases such as the Melbourne Aquarium Legionella outbreak, and are involved with government and industry bodies in the development of regulations and standards for our industry.

These competencies, in addition to our emphasis on staff training and development, combine to make us the leader in the field of Legionella risk management.

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