Our reputation precedes us…

At HydroChem we’ve developed a reputation as an organisation with exceptional understanding of water treatment services. Our extensive experience in servicing a diverse range of clients across Australia enables us to plan and design efficient, cost effective water treatment solutions for a variety of industries.

Drawing on our 40 years of experience we consult with you before our professional technical and management team strategise, develop and deliver sustainable systems and processes that minimise the total cost of water and waste management.

We want to partner with you today and tomorrow

Fundamental to HydroChem’s success is our commitment to continually exceeding our customers’ increasing expectations. We focus on innovation and are committed to continuous improvement in quality, productivity, service, and relationships. After all, we want to partner with you long term.

Everything we do is adapted just for you

Whatever your industry, whatever your need, at HydroChem we deliver innovative and practical water treatment solutions tailored to the specific needs of your company. Our expertise, services, chemistry and plant & equipment will help you effectively manage and maintain your water systems such as cooling towers, boilers, membrane filtration, raw water and wastewater treatment plants.

Together with your managers and plant operators, we work to characterise your full industrial water circuit, from inlet to outlet, identifying solutions that improve performance while reducing the total cost of operation.