Congratulations to Roy McDougall for his AIRAH “Back to Basics – Cooling Towers” presentation which was attended by over 50 industry participants. Roy received many thanks from audience members for his insightful discussion around the challenges posed by water treatment in the current environment, with a focus on achieving environmental risk management and sustainability outcomes. He also discussed the risks to plant and equipment if water treatment is not properly managed.

Roy has worked in the water treatment industry for over 30 years. He is responsible for HydroChem’s construction projects specialising in installation, commissioning, DLP management and filtration projects.

The presentation was held at Coles’ head office in Hawthorn and included a tour of the cooling tower systems and the recently completed building services modernisation project which improved the 44,000 square metre office complex through a series of system upgrades and new installations.


From left to right: Neil Cox (AIRAH), Nick Adams (AIRAH Vic President), Roy McDougall (HydroChem) and Gary Ward (AIRAH Committee Member).