Hydrochem is heavily involved in health, especially environmental health.

Join CEO, Nick Duncan as he talks safety and caring for long term employees with a specific focus on training and induction on handling chemicals in the workplace.

Safety’s always been a priority for the organisation. It comes with caring about the people and having long-term employees, retain compliance to 4801, which is the Australian Standard in 2010. So, we’ve had that for six years.

HydroChem’s involved in the chemistry world, so we’re dealing with hazardous chemicals sometimes, or a lot of the time. The risks associated with that are quite high. A lot of people focus on PPE, so they’ll focus on the gloves and the boots and that sort of thing, whereas, I think HydroChem’s focus is more about the training. So, from day one, if a new employee starts, it’s the focus of their induction, is talking about dealing with chemicals, handling chemicals, or just being in an environment where chemicals are. And, for us, that’s really been a huge benefit in terms of minimising injuries, whether it be the manual handling associated with the chemicals or, alternatively, the risk of, you know, any contact with a chemical.

The other thing about HydroChem is, because our industry’s so focused on health and environmental health, safety sort of comes into the same realm, so it’s part of what we do as far as delivering to clients, as well.

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