Stamp of approval for HydroChem’s HVAC&R maintenance range

The popular and well established HydroBalance range of HVAC&R maintenance products have been manufactured under an exclusive licensing agreement by HydroChem in Australia for many years.

The HydroBalance brand is globally recognized for its quality and reliability, having grown well beyond its humble beginnings in US inventor Bob Clarke’s backyard shed in 1969. The original product he conceived, Coilox Concentrate, remains a coil cleaning staple of the range today.

HydroChem has sought to differentiate its most popular HydroBalance products from would-be imitators in the Australian market by submitting itself to the rigorous Australian Made process. The company has received the Australian Owned & Made tick of approval for Wanda Wash, Bubble Up, No More Grease, Coilox, CoilKleen, 4X and Clean-Ice.

TheHydroBalance range

The full HydroBalance range available in Australia

“From a HydroChem perspective, the Australian Made program has become an imperative,” says HydroChem CEO Mike Lenton. “Wholesalers enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes with promoting and selling a locally made product, particularly in this period of global supply chain instability. The feedback we hear is that end users prefer to support local businesses like their own. That the business is Australian owned is that perfect cherry on top.”

The entire range of HydroBalance products- there are 11 different products in all- are available via the HVAC&R supplies wholesaler network in all states and territories.