In November we, at HydroChem, sponsored a series of technical seminars along the eastern seaboard. The seminars were timed to coincide with Australia’s seasonal shift, and provided a comprehensive look at the control and management of Legionella both here and abroad.

The series was titled Sydney’s Summer of Legionella – Clive Speaks and the keynote presentation was delivered by renowned Legionella authority and chair of AS/NZS 3666: Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control, Clive Broadbent, AM.

The seminars highlighted Sydney’s deadly summer and autumn of Legionella earlier this year and touched on some of the key factors that may have contributed to the numerous resultant Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks. HydroChem’s resources were stretched by the state government’s request for mass CBD cooling tower cleaning in the aftermath, despite in no way being implicated in any of the outbreaks.

As NSW Health scrambled to identify the source of the outbreaks, HydroChem’s clients saw immediate benefit in the water treatment company’s big data application, Clarity. “Over 250 people attended the five seminars,” says HydroChem CEO Nick Duncan. “Clive’s presentation was tailor made for an engaged and informed audience and it was an honour for HydroChem to underpin a platform to share these critical messages.” At the conclusion of the final event in Melbourne, Duncan presented Broadbent with a framed copy of the caricature that the company created to market the seminars.

For more detail, email or call HydroChem CEO, Nick Duncan via or on 03 9553 1011.

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