In 2018, NSW Health implemented new Regulations to manage the safety of cooling systems, preventing the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria. 

New requirements for undertaking a risk assessment and documenting it in a Risk Management Plan (RMP) Approved Form 1, commenced in August 2018.

Independent annual auditing of the RMP is a requirement under the Regulations. It is now time for occupiers whose RMPs were completed 12 months ago to engage an independent auditor.




What you need to know

  • It is the responsibility of the occupier of the premises to engage an independent auditor to conduct an audit of compliance with the RMP every year
  • The independent auditor must document the audit using the audit report (Approved Form 2) and provide it to the occupier
  • In conducting an audit, the independent auditor will inspect all documents, generated within the 12-month audit period and obtain evidence that the occupier has complied with all actions and timelines required by the RMP and Regulations
  • The unique identification number (UID) allocated to every cooling tower should be used whenever the cooling tower system is being described on official documentation
  • The independent auditor is to prepare a certificate of audit completion
  • The occupier is responsible for ensuring that a certificate of audit completion is provided to the local government authority within seven days of the audit

For a list of independent auditors – contact NSW Health.

If you have questions regarding your RMP or compliance with the Regulations, please contact your Account Manager: