A new online application currently being rolled out to its clients by water treatment company, HydroChem presents real-time field data in visualisations so users can quickly view and understand vast amounts of asset water health information at a glance. Its innovative distillation of big data may well be a world first in the battle to control Legionella outbreaks.

Watch the video or read the full transcript below.

The digital data that we’ve been collecting via our devices is now available over a portal which is called Clarity. That enables our clients to access all of the data that’s on our systems digitally, and it also provides the data to them in a graphical format so they can trend-chart over, whether it’s a number of months or a number of years, to have a look at how things have been progressing on their facilities or on their individual systems over time.

So, I’m talking about things like legionella results and bacteria results, which can all be looked at now. Rather than pulling up individual reports to look at how things have been trending over time, it’s now all available as a chart that they can review.

The goals behind Clarity were to make the data that’s being stored on our systems available to our client. We deal with a lot of people who might be responsible for a lot of different systems and also a lot of different facilities.

The other thing that’s available over the portal is a facility called “Quarterly Trend Review” which collates all of the data into a PDF. So, if our client is needing to present to an auditor or present to management, they can choose the facility that they need to be analysed and it will produce a PDF of all of the results that have been recorded for that facility over a period of time.

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