Mining sites must comply with water quality regulations during the construction and production phases on site. It is imperative to ensure that the users of water downstream don’t have to face water pollution issues.

Usingpreventive methods along with mining wastewater treatment, minimisation of downstream contamination is possible. Professional water treatment experts, like Hydrochem, monitor water quality and decide required treatment methods.

Preventive techniques for water contamination control

While damage minimisation helps to reduce the need for treatment, preventative measures can be put in place to avoid any issues.Here are a few techniques that we recommend you use to control water contamination.

  1. Block Drainage Water

After use, most wastewater is collected through a series of drains. Normal drainage is set up to flow into existing water sources, but this would cause contamination with wastewater. Therefore, it is imperative to set up wastewater drainage to pool onsite to reduce contamination risks.

  1. Divert Surface Water

One of the most effective ways to minimise contamination is to divert surface water away from the minesite. Anything from streams, creeks and lakes, surface water is a natural source of liquid and needs to remain unimpacted by the mine. Using upstream dams or river redirection, it is possible to divert this water away from any pollutants.

  1. Allow Wastewater Evaporation

In drier regions, an effective form of removing wastewater is through evaporation. When collected and exposed to sunlight, the water evaporates, minimising contamination and resulting in safer standards for all.

  1. Recycle Used Water

Processing ore requires a huge amount of water to clean off any dirt or debris. If sites used pure water, ultimately it would lead to an increase in the amount of wastewater. Using recycling dirty water for ore processing, the mine can minimise their treatment requirements.

All five preventive techniques are effective. However, professionals decide a set of techniques according to site-specific needs.

Water Treatment Techniques

The effective use of physics and chemistry enables professionals to clean wastewaterwith highly advanced technologies that are leveraged to predict the chemistry associated with mining. That conclusion ultimately leads to effective treatment strategies.

Professionals choose appropriate technologies according to acidic properties, the presence of metal, precipitation and other chemical aspects. Their understanding of the mine site allows them to plan a successful water treatment.

Much of the mining industry is concerned about the environmental impact that water and water treatment can have (not to mention the associated costs). However, experienced professionals can assist with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly plan, developing appropriate treatment programs to suit each site.

For the best mining wastewater treatment, consult the team at Hydrochem. Their expertise in water treatment and management is unsurpassed in Australia, capable of planning and strategising the whole process for you.