NSW Health have indicated that the new Legionella Control Regulations will be released in March 2018.

Under the new Regulations, the occupier must ensure that a unique identification number designated by the local government authority is displayed on each cooling tower of a cooling tower system.

The Regulations provide that the sign must be:

(a) a minimum size of 144 mm by 210 mm (A5 size), and

(b) clearly visible to a person examining or inspecting the water-cooling system, and

(c) not use more than 2 colours (that is, one for the lettering and one for the background), and

(d) made of a durable material.

That number must be first displayed no later than 30 days after the local government authority gives the occupier of the premises notice of the unique identification number that it has designated.

See the new Proposed NSW Legionella Control Regulations here.

ID plate that is too small
ID plate that is not durable.
ID plate that does not follow appropriate naming convention.
ID plate that is “just right”.