Reduce operational costs with a dewatering trial skid

The screw press dewatering trial skid was up and running at a customer site with great success.

The dewatering trial skid is beneficial for the following industrial treatment plants:

  • Food & beverage production sludge processing/treatment
  • Dairy industry processing sludge treatment
  • Red meat processing sludge treatment
  • Mining/chemical processing sludge treatment
  • Agricultural/fishery wastewater sludge processing/treatment



Trials are used for validation purposes, determining actual cost and ROI of a full-size plant.  The dewatering skid can reduce the total operating costs by:

  • reducing disposal volumes by 30 – 80%, depending on the application and sludge
  • lowering total operational cost compared to traditional methods – 40% less than a belt press, 20% less than centrifuge
  • Power-saving: less than 5% of centrifuge
  • Water-saving: less than 0.1% of belt filter press

The skid equipment design is suitable for all types of sludge, especially oily sludge, both high various and low concentrate.  There is also the potential for a new or increased revenue stream through increased tallow, oil and protein recovery, depending on the site application.









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