The V-200PA Automatic Water Filter was declared winner of the New Product Contest at the Irrigation Show 2009 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Entries were evaluated on a number of criteria including product innovation, water conservation, quality design, ease of use, time savings and user risk.   irrigation show 2009

The new V-200PA features the most advanced and cost effective self-cleaning screen filtration technology available today. Ideal for flow rates from 1.3 lps to 13.9 lps; the V-200PA offers a cost effective solution for automatic filtration down to 10 micron.

The automatic water filter uses a stainless steel screen for cleaning, and a patented infinity drive mechanism for flushing. It requires no power input and utilises the system water pressure as its sole source of power. The polypropylene housing reduces the manufacturing cost, resulting in a significant cost saving over steel models.